Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sekai no Owari (End of the World) Concert at the Roxy Theater

I had a great time at the Sekai no Owari concert at The Roxy Theater yesterday. They were using the name End of the World for this show which is pretty much their name but translated to English. It’s their first live in LA (maybe even in the US). I’ve always like their music. I love the happy yet whimsical an d unique sound of their songs. I was amazed that they did their whole set list in English. They were dressed in suits and formal dress. The atmosphere was mello and chill. There was a sense of a classic theme to this concert. The venue fit maybe 300-400 people but very intimate. It was awesome seeing them so close ^o^.

The crowds were good. I saw a lot of people of various ages. There were a few kids too. Kudos to Fukase for sounding just as great singing in English as his Japanese. The rest of the group were great too. I wish I can see Saori more but I was more toward Nakajin side and DJ Love was in the middle. I came a little later so I couldn’t get too close on the stage.

They sang songs like Anti-Hero, Dragon Night, Starlight Parade, SOS, Mr. Heartache, and a few more. All the performances were fun and people were jumping with all the upbeat songs too. It was probably a 45 min set. I was kind of sad that they didn’t have encore performance. They came out a bit later after the last song to say goodbye again. I think the rest of the time was for VIP ticket holders meet and greet sessions. I wish they would have sing their Japanese songs too. It’s probably tough to do all the songs in English. Maybe their next concert out here will have both languages.

Overall Sekai no Owari (End of the World) concert was a great introduction live concert for the people in the US. I’ve enjoy listening to their songs for a few years now and it was a treat for a fan like me to see them this close. I know that they do really elaborate concert in Japan so I’ve hoping they’ll gain more fans in the US and have a spectacular concert here in the future.