Thursday, May 15, 2014

2014 Spring Anime First Impression Part 2

Here's part two of my 2014 Spring Anime First Impression. This is the first time that I've watched almost 30 new anime in a season. Sometime the first episode of an anime doesn't tell much of the story at all or it just make you give up on the show completely. Let's continue on the impression and I'll try to make them short. ^O^

Akuma no Riddle

Watched: 1 ep

I don't venture into shoujo-ai genre that much but the plot sounds promising. The character design is cute and lots of pretty bishoujo with dysfunctional character. Supposedly the boyish looking Tokaku Azuma (a girl) is an assassin who will try to protect the bubbly and innocent Haru Ichinose (who has a secret..) from the rest of their classmate. Looks dark and interesting.

Verdict: Maybe.

Majin Bone

Watched: 2 ep

It's about this teenage boy who found that he's compatible with the mecha outfit called Majin Bone that has super powers. Then there are these alien suited creatures that are trying to destroy the Earth and the main guys and three other teenage boys will have to fight to save the world. They warp into this virtual reality world when they fight and it looks like their suit doesn't last that long before they have to transform back. The premise is nothing new. Also the guys all uses a card to help them transform. The mecha outfit is so so. The character design is ok. I'll try watching a few more episode to see how it goes.

Verdict: Maybe.

Selector Infected WIXOSS

Watched: 1 ep

The first thing that comes out of my mind when I started watching this is that it's pretty much kind of like Madoka but if the girls were battling in a card game. It looks like the show's gonna get darker and probably each girl have their own problems. The card battle was nice. The animation was decent. Will watch more eps to see what happens next.

Verdict: Probably.

One Week Friend

Watched: 1 ep

Looks like a really interesting slice of life series. The main guy wants to be a friend and ever more with this girl but she has a problem. She's always alone and not sociable. Also the part of her memory of people important to her only last for one week. She can only remember family but not new friends the next week. I'm curious to see how the story will develop and how the main guy will make her fall for him over and over again.

Verdict: Will continue.

Black Bullet

Watched: 1 ep

I think this was a light novel before it became an anime. Rentaro, a promoter, and his Curse Children initiator partner, Enju, fight evil viruses that can manifest in human and spread throughout Tokyo. It's an interesting story. Rentaro's past looks like a sad one and I'm interested to see other Curse Children who they might be fighting in the future. Animation and character design looks good.

Verdict: Will continue.

Mahou Shouji no Taisen

Watched: 4 eps

Short 3 min episodes done about magical girls by Gainax. The animation is high quality and it looks like each girls gets a few episodes of their own. It's cute and there were some funny moments in there.

Verdict: Will continue

Blade and Soul

Watch: 1 ep

It's suppose to be based on a Korean online games. The character design is ok. It looks like there'll be lots of blood and violence too. It'll probably take more episodes to get the story moving. It's the typical assassin's girl running away from the bad guys type of story.

Verdict: Maybe.

Soul Eater Not!

Watched: 5 eps

I adored Soul Eater in both its anime and manga form so I was looking forward to watching Soul Eater Not! as a spin off series from the same world. Looks like it's starting around the same time as the Soul Eater series. The three main girls are cute. It's cool to see some cameo from the original series popping by too. This series feels more lighthearted but I'm sure it'll get more dark later on. The animation is great and the character design is awesome as always. You'll find out later what the NOT is suppose to be.

Verdict: Definitely will continue.

Captain Earth

Watched: 4 ep

Another mecha anime but with a twist. Looks like there are aliens on Earth and the main character befriended one. Then he was separated from his friends and years later the main character found out that he can pilot this super awesome robot in order to save the Earth. It's a promising start for a series. I like the character design and the animation. I'm hoping there'll be more character development and an awesome story to add to it.

Verdict: Will continue

Seikoku no Dragonar

Watched: 1 ep

This boy who lost his arm when he was young got it replaced with a tattoo arms and became a dragon rider of sort. However, everyone had a dragon except for him. He has been waiting for it to be born. The weird thing is that he can command other other people's dragon which made his classmate fear and ostracized him.. Later in the episode we get to see that dragon was born and it's a girl. I feel that the animation went downhill for this episode after the first scene. Their faces looks great but everything else was not as good. It didn't peak my interest that much.

Verdict: Don't think so

Bokura Wa Minna Kawaiisou

Watched: 1 ep

Based on a light novel, this involves a teenage boy who has a crush on this girl and found out she was living in the same apartment complex as him. With a bunch of corky apartment tenants and a weird roommate, the boy will learn to live his everyday life and maybe find love. The premise has been done in other series before but I like the character design and the animation. It looks like it'll be funny and I'm hoping the story will be interesting.

Verdict: Will continue

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka

Watched: 1 ep

A girl move into a new town and stop by a cafe. She later learned that the cafe is the place she'll be staying at so she'll help work at the cafe. The character design is cute. It looks like this show will have cute story.

Verdict: Maybe. When I feel like watching something lighthearted

No Game; No Life

Watched: 4 eps

Based on a light novel, then it became a manga, and now it's an anime. No Game No Life had these two NEET brother and sisters who are game addicts and they got warped into a strange world where a game can decide everything. Madhouse studio did an excellent job with the animation and I really like the character design. Sora and Shiro are a messed up bunch of siblings and they are quite comical. I'm hoping to see how the story develop since there are so many races and countries and I'm curious to see how they siblings will bring back human territories by playing games.

Verdict: Yes. Definitely

L'Corda d'Oro Blue Sky

Watched: 2 eps

Based on a manga, this is a new L'Corda d'Oro series with new casts and lots of bishounen and classical music. It has great music and good character design. The animation is not bad. I'm hoping there'll be a good story with it too.

Verdict: Will continue.

Kamigami no Asobi

Watched: 3 eps

This series is based on an otome game of the same name. It has a human girl who got warped into a different world and she has to teach the different gods about human life. Lots of bishounen and great character design. The magical girl transformation scene on the first eps done by a guys is just weird but other than that it's pretty good so far.

Verdict: Will continue.

Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara

Watched: 1 ep

The main guy can see flags on top of people's head. Different flags suggest different emotion and black flags means they are about to die. Therefore, he tries to change people's faith by saying things to effect their flags. Looks like it's gonna be a fan service type of series with lots of girls and one guy. Animation is ok. Not really my thing.

Verdict: No.

Brynhildr of the Darkness

Watched: 2 eps

It's gonna be dark and gory with a sci-fi elements. The main character find the new transfer student resembling his dead female friend who died several years ago. He's trying to figure out if she was his friend or not and weird things started happening at school. He later found out that she's not human but a witch. These witch has ports in the back and they have super powers. There are many girl who are witches and they have escape from this secret lab. The story is interesting. I'm hoping to see some eerie and psycho thriller feel from this show. The character design is nice and the animation is solid.

Verdict: Will continue

Escha & Logy no Atelier

Watched: 1 ep

Yay! Atelier game turn anime. I'm playing this game right now so I'm hoping to continue the anime once I'm done with the game. Escha and Logy are alchemists who are working for the a development department in a small town. They'll use their ability to help solve problems and maybe help unravel secrets of their own. The series has really nice character design. The animation is fluid. The first ep was a good intro to the series. I'm hoping to see more character development because Escha and Logy seem to have really good personalities.

Verdict: Will continue after I finish the game.

Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin (Nana's Buried Treasure)

Watched: 6 eps

I really like this show. It turn out to be different than what I expected. Nanana, is a ghost that haunt the apartment that the main character is living in. She use to be an adventurer before someone stabbed her to death. Now the main character is trying to find out who her killer was and help her move on. It's great to see that the people in this island are not who they appeared to be. There's betrayal and lies in this show too. I like the unpredictability of this show and I'm hoping to see how they find different Nanana Collection.

Verdict: Really like it. Will continue.

Ok. That's it. Hope this gives you all a few ideas of the new show in Spring 2014. Some series may need a few episodes to develop the story. This were just my first impression of them. Also we all have different tastes of what we like so why not try watching some of these and see if you'll like them.