Saturday, February 8, 2014

ONE OK ROCK Concert LA February 7th 2014 Recap

The Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK had their first U.S. concert in Los Angeles, CA last night and my friend and I got a chance to see them perform. I wanted to recap some of the awesomeness that happen at the concert for you all. The venue was at Club Nokia in downtown LA so it’s much cozier and we can actually see them up close. There were lots of male and female fans there. I think I heard more male fans screaming and cheering than female fans in this concert.^O^

We got there two and a half hour early before the door opens and there was already a long line of people ahead of us. Also there was a group of fans who were walking around with a large ONE OK ROCK banner. We got to write messages on the banner before they deliver it to ONE OK ROCK. They started moving us in at 7 and we went upstairs and went through security check. We got the floor section tickets so we got to stand not too far from the stage. It was so worth it. I got a pretty good view of all the band members since we were in the middle.

Sound check took a little bit longer than normal but when ONE OK ROCk came out, everything was all good. There was so much screaming when they came out. Taka had such a good vocal. He was singing on his red microphone with red cord which was pretty awesome. Toru was really cool with his green guitar. Ryota was pretty build for a bassist. He perform shirtless throughout the whole show. Tomoya was so cheerful and he was smiling a lot throughout the whole concert. They brought so much energy in their performances. They were also really interactive with the crowd. Their member introductions were really cute. For a band that’s not fluent in English they were pretty good in the introductions.

Their live music sound so much better than the CD. They did about an hour and a half session. They sang a lot of the songs from the Jinsei x Boku album and a few of their famous songs from their previous albums. I got to hear them sing one of my favorite song “Kanzen Kankaku Dreamers” and the last song for the night was “The Beginning”. They came back for encore with a beautiful rendition of “Wherever You Are” This was definitely a great live concert. ONE OK ROCK concert was so much fun. I hope they come back to LA again.

I'll leave you with ONE OK ROCK video of the Yokohama Performance of "Wherever You Are" ^O^