Monday, August 5, 2013

Anime Review: Code:Breaker

13 episodes + 2OVA?

Why is this anime so short? The manga is over 200 chapters long and they shrink the series into one arc --> 13 episodes. I haven't read Code:Breaker manga before I started watching this anime. After I finish watching it, I thought it was not bad. I had a bit of problem getting use to the character design but I guess they kept it like the manga style. The story was interesting. Rei and Sakura duo was really entertaining to watch. Sakura was just a very righteous and Rei was just the danger she should not get involve with. The other code:breaker were cool too. There were some twist here and there to keep the story going. I can also recognize some of the seiyuu in this show right away. Some are quite popular. I can tell that Suzumura Kenichi was Toki and Saiga Mitsugi was Rui. Miki Shinichiro voiced Hitomi, which was really well done. Lastly, it was very cool to hear Nobuhiko Okamoto voiced Rei, the main character. Rei's character was more calmer than when he voiced Rin in Ao no Exorcist.

The animation quality was good. The fight scenes were engaging and well drawn. There was so many unanswered questions in this show though. If only there was a season 2. There were just 2 OVA out after the series so I'm not sure if there will be anymore Code:Breaker anime. I guess this series was like an intro into code:breaker. I've read that there was so much more left out. Therefore, I shall go read the manga to find out what happen next.

Fun show. Not bad. Should go read the manga.