Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Top Anime Songs of 2012

It's four months into 2013 so I figure I should create an anime related post to wrap up last year. I've always been a fan of Japanese music and quite often the songs that I like came from anime series. Therefore, I wanted to introduce you to some of my favorite anime songs of 2012. There were many good songs out but here are some of my favorite.

First up is Psycho-Pass ending 1 "Namaenai no Kaibutsu" by EGOIST

-->EGOIST has an awesome lead vocal. Her voice is just so pretty. "Namaenai no Kaibutsu" is an upbeat track that I can listen too over and over again.

Next up is Sakamichi no Apollon opening "Sakamichi no Melody" by Yuki

-->Love the anime. Love the opening animation. The song starts out slow and pick up its pace. The melody matches Yuki's voice perfectly. It's also very catchy.

Up next is Natsuyuki Rendevous ending song "Anata ni Dewanakereba" by Aimer.

-->This song by Aimer is beautiful. I really love her voice. This live version is just awesome.

Last is Space Brother ending 1 "Subarashii Sekai" by Rake

-->This song makes me happy. Subarashii Sekai means wonderful world. It makes me want to look at the bright side of things. Yes, and super catchy chorus.

My favorite anime song of 2012 would have to be Psycho-Pass first opening song "Abnormalize" by Ling Toshite Sigure

--> I love this song ever since I saw the first episode of Psycho-Pass. There's rock and funk element that really grasp my attention. It not a typical rock song and the lead singer soft spoken voice is really cool.

Favorite Anime OST of 2012- Sakamichi no Apollon OST. Yoko Kanno composed it. Lots of jazz and beautiful piano pieces.
It's so good.

--> Sounds familiar right? Other than Snow White, this song appear in Sakamichi no Apollon. If you've seen this anime, you would know which scene in which this song was played. So touching yet so sad..>0<.. **My best anime of 2012 will be post a little later. There were some series I wasn't able to finish last year so I wanted to finish them before making my final decision.** Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Supercell - The Bravery

I love Supercell music and kudos to the amazing set in this PV. "The Bravery" is their single that came out in March and it's also the second ending song of the anime called Magi. The puppet show really demonstrate the song's title "The Bravery". Our yuusha(hero) is trying to save a damsel in distress. With courage and perseverance he stood up to the baddies and the final boss, the Oreo monster. It's a fun upbeat Japanese song that's great to listen too. Although the song's lengthy is a little more than 6 min but but the puppet story really makes up for it.