Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sakamichi no Apollon aka Kids on the Slope

Spring 2012 anime came out and I've been trying to catch up to them but there're just so many. One of my favorite this season is Sakamichi no Apollon or Kids on the Slope. There's slice of life, jazz music, and a bit of drama in it that makes it so interesting. The animation is solid, the music is beautiful and the plot is really fun. Kaoru a shy and timid teenage boy just move to this small town and on the first day in his new high school, he accidentally encounter this buff yankee guy, Sentaro, who'll become one of his closest friend. Their bond? Through jazz music with Kaoru playing the piano and Sen playing the drums. The place? The basement in the record store own by Ritsuko's(their classmate) family. It's a manga turned anime and I heard the anime is going at a really fast so probably it's gonna be a 12 episode series. It's so nice to see something different. You get to see some character development. Later you'll see a love pentagon(cuz five different people ended up liking someone else)...^O^ omg episode 7 is just awesome(won't spoil ya). Below is a nice piano rendition of Someday My Prince will Come from Sakamichi no Apollon.