Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Last Story

The first post for the New Year. Hope you all had a good new year. I wanted to do a post on this awesome game I was playing over winter break. It started that I went to watch Zelda 25th Symphony last October with my friend --> Wanted to play Skyward Sword --> Needed a Wii console to play --> Got a black Wii --> Wanted to find other good RPG for the Wii-->Discover The Last Story --> I wanted to play that game. The sad part is, it hasn't been localize in the US quite yet(hoping operation rainfall will continue w/ The Last Story and Pandora's Tower). Luckily, I manage to get myself a copy on-sale at a few months ago. Did a little work to my Wii and I was able to play it(yay). The next struggle is to try to understand the story cuz I only understand about 40% of what they are saying(have to practice more Japanese language). I found a walkthrough on-line but it's not the same. Also it looks like the European version of The Last Story is going to come out in Feb 2012 so maybe later this year or next year we'll get the US version.

The Last Story is a great RPG(roleplaying) game for the Wii(which have very few good RPG out). It's a story you play Elza, a young mercenary and his group of friends who goes to dungeons and ruins for jobs in order to find treasures and spoils. You start in a ruin with Elza and his friend and Elza started hearing voices. He later gain awesome power which will be helpful throughout the rest of the story. Of course, he later meets a princess and I got as far as saving the princess from the guard right now.

I've only played a few hours of it so I don't really have the full review of the game quite yet. I can only give my first impression of it. The seiyuu(voice actors/actress) is top notch, each character have interesting personalities, and what's even more fun is that you can change the color of your team's outfit. I thought they were only wearing black outfits at first since that was what I saw in the game trailer but you can actually change their outfit colors. The fighting mechanic is simple. You lock on to link the target to the attack. Elza can use long range attack or close range. Can't wait till I get to do combo attack later in the game.

That's it for now. I'll update more when I get more time to play it( school and work took up a lot of my time).

Below are more pics of the game's back cover, cover slip, reversible cover(it's like the pin up of the cover without text), insert content below.