Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quick Fall 2011 Anime Review

So Fall 2011 Anime... here's a sampling of new anime that came out in Japan this fall(Oct'11 on). This is a quick review of the new series and what I thought of them. Since there are so many, I can't review them all but I'll do some. I'm not a pro or expert in anything but just a person who loves to watch anime.


A very interesting anime with unique characters. I love studio Bones. This animation studio tend to bring out cool title. Un-go is a murder mystery in the post war world of the present. It's a sci-fi murder mystery with interesting twist. Our main character is a young male detective with his sidekick(appears to be a hyperactive lil boy in a cat hat) who solve murder cases. The twist here is that his sidekick, Inga, can transform to this sexy lady who can ask anyone one question to get the truth to the murder. I watch 4 eps of this and it just gets better.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

A show about a yankee(rebel) looking transfer student who has no friend who got drag into a friend making club w/ a girl who has no friend. They later gets more club members who wants to make friend. It shows that even the most popular person still can't find true friend. It's an ok show.

Hunter x Hunter (2011 remake)

A remake of a great series Hunter x Hunter that came out in 1999. They recast the voice actors and redid the animation. I guess they want to reintroduce the series to the new fans. It's a great series about Gon Freecss who wanted to become a hunter like his father and travel the world by doing doing hunter assignments along with 3 of his Hunter friends(Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio). Hunter in this case means mercenary so they do random task for money.


^O^ Yay. Another Fate series by Type-moon and animate by studio ufotable(who did Fate Stay Night Unlimited Bladework). Being a Fate Stay Night fan, seeing its prequel is like a dream. Based on a light novel, the series talk about The Holy Grail battle where individuals are chosen to summon servants to fight each other. By winning the Holy Grail, the master can get any one wish granted. You get to see what happen in the previous holy grail battle before Fate Stay Night. Although the first ep is a lot of text explaining the setting and story, it was very well done. The animation is terrific and the voice actors are great. There are random comedic moments in the series(Waver and Rider are just hysterical). I'm a fan of Saber so it's great to see her again. The servant in this round are very interesting. Fate/Zero Lancer is such a bishie and Kiritsugu Emiya(Shiro's adopted papa) is very cool. I'm liking this show a lot. Definitely will continue watching it.


A comedy about people fighting to buy half price bento(Japanese lunch box set). This light novel turned anime is about a high school boy who got beat up while trying to purchase a half price bento. He later joins a club that trains you how to fight to get that half price bento. One of the ridiculous yet entertaining show I've seen this season. I was glad I got to watch it because it's pretty fun. You get to see how different groups' intricate strategies in order to obtain bento. Lots of fun characters, great casts(many familiar voices), and fluid animation(the fighting scenes are pretty good). Random fanservice moments here and there. A fun comedy for fall.

That's it for now. I'll update more later. ^O^