Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kokuhaku (Confession) 2010 Review

I watched Kokuhaku a few months ago and just thought I'd give a short review about it. It's an amazing film. It's not a happy film but it's a dark, twisted, and clever film in many ways. Although slowly moving in the beginning, it later progressed with each confessions being done beautifully. The movie started out with Yuko Moriguchi(Takako Matsu) resigning from teaching her junior high school students due to the death of her daughter and confessing that she knew that two students in her class killed her daughter(student A & student B). She also said she planned to get back on them(watch it to see what's so good).

So a few months pass the next semester came, a new homeroom teacher was assigned and the class was back to normal. Not quite. The treatment on student A and student B was different. Bullying occured. Student B was so traumatized by what Ms. Moriguchi did, he wouldn't even come to school. Pretty much a third of the film showed the deterioration of the class and how the lives of student A and student B change after the incident. These are shown as confessions even the student B mother has a confession. Overall, it was an amazing film. The scenery and music can bring about various emotions in this film. The cinematography was beautiful. Great acting. Good twisted ending too. It also showed how students can turn on each other so easily and become very scary at times. I recommend it if you want to watch something different.

Below is the trailer w/ Eng sub: