Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sept 2010 B's Log and Girl's Style ^0^

I went to Kinokuniya in Little Tokyo in LA yesterday and got me a few otome game magazines. It's super rare to find them because most of the time they'll be gone. I got into otome games about a year ago. Otome games are girl dating simulation or visual novels where you play the a girl trying to win the heart of a bunch of hot guys. They are geared toward female crowd so you'll see typically see stereotypes of male you find in shoujo manga: smart one, sporty one, cool ones, bad boys, pretty boys and so on. Let's talk about the 2 magazines.

Sept. 2010 B's Log

B's Log is a monthly magazine that covers up and coming otome games, BL games, yaoi games and otome anime. The cover of September 2010 B's Log has 3 of the guys from NDS game Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 3Story (TMGS3) with freebies which contain Hakuouki chibi characters stickers, Saitou from Hakuouki photo, a SYK chara photo, a TMGS3 full poster(2 side/ one side has the cover of b's log and the other has all the guys in TMGS3), and a sticker of one of the TMGS3 chara. Inside has info on new otome, BL, and yaoi games that are coming out and info on current games. This issue also covers Gakuen Hetalia Portable, Sengoku Basara 3 game and Last Ranker game. It's a full color magazine with lots of bishies(pretty boys) in it ^O^.

Hakuouki stickers

Other goodies

Sept 2010 Girl's Style

Degenki Girl's Style is also another of otome game magazine that cover otome games and Visual Novels, yaoi games, and BL games. September 2010 Degenki Girl's Style magazine cover has 3 of the guys from the PSP game Storm Lover with a freebie of double sided poster of the guys from Durarara. This month Girl's Style cover many otome games and has hints of how to win different games characters. I'm seeing a lot of history related games in this issues too. A new Durarara! game is coming out on PSP and it has a male character I haven't seen before. It also cover a bit of Hakuouki season 2 anime where you'll see the bishies in their western clothing. Yes, lots of bishies too.