Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall 2010 Anime Sampling Review

I am a fan of Japanese pop culture. So anime, manga, and videogames are some things I love too. Watching anime is one of my hobby. It's always fun to watch some new series out there. It's relaxing and enjoyable. I wanted to write a short review of the anime sampling I've done for Fall 2010 anime. These shows are series that premiered in Japan in October 2010. I'm reluctant to give a letter grade or number grade because I've only sample the first episode. I found out after watching anime fore several years that some anime can turn really awesome a few episode later on so I can't be bias by just the 1st ep. I will, however, say which one I'll pick up for frequent watch though and those that I won't keep. This season there's a lot of returning shows as well as manga turned anime...and some harlem,mystery, and shows I have no clue what it is? No pics yet because I'm just getting use to this. OK Let's start ^O^

Arakawa Under the Bridge x 2 ep 1

(Arakawa Bridge Bridge)Couldn't be happier to see the return of Arakawa season 2. Episode 1 hadn't fail to make me laugh with the typical Arakawa silliness and humor.
Recruit and Nino was awesome as always. The opening was called Cosmos vs. Alien..the lyrics made no sense but it's good. A new character was almost introduce in this episode(a buff amazon lady). We got to find out that Shiro-san was not a dead beat after all. It was pretty good. The Arakawa sentiment and charm continued. Definitely a lighthearted show I'll pick up. ^O^

Psychic Detective Yakumo ep 1

Interesting new show. It involved a college protagonist who can see spirits and helped people solve mystery murder cases. Somehow the main character reminded me a little of Light Yagami(from Death Note) but not as evil. A bit of drama, ghost, and mystery. Clique..I'd say yes but it does have potential. Will have to watch more to see if it's good or not.

Toga inu no chi ep 1

Nitro Chiral yaoi game turn anime. ^o^ So many bishies. Akira, the main character, is being accused of murder and was blackmailed into an assassin game to collect dog tags in a live or dead battle with many dangerous groups of people. The character design looks really good and we get to see 2 of the main guys so far(I so adored the red eye dude with the sword). A light hint of shounen ai in this episode but I don't know how much they are gonna go with that. Thank you Nitro Chiral and A1-Pictures studio for bringing this goodness to us fans. Hopefully if this series does well they will turn their other game Lamento into an anime. Some blood and violence and boy love so. Not for everyone. A keeper for this one.

To Aru no Majutsu no Index season 2 ep 1

Yes!! The cast of To Aru Majutsu no Index is back. I didn't get to see Railgun yet so I don't know a lot of the new characters(will watch that soon). A little refresher was done to tell us a bit of season 1 and the first bad guy appeared. He was ok. The episode was good though. Touma and Index quarrel like always. It's great to see Touma and Index back in action again. This will also be in my to watch list.

Panty and Stocking with Garter Belt ep 1

What the??? The girls are cute but they are more mature than what they look like. This show is kind of like an adult version of the Powerpuff Girls. Got through half of the episode and gave up cuz it's not something I'd expect from an anime. It's really different. Panty is a sex addict and Stocking is a sweet tooth. The premise is the girls are fallen angels that try to solve different cases so that they can go back to heaven. The first episode has an excrement thing that wasn't for me. Don't think I'll continue with this one.

Yosuga no Sora ep 1

Totally not what I thought it would be. Why do I feel like this was an eroge game turned anime. Oh wow and I was right. The twins(Sora and Haru) were really cute and apparently many of the girls had a crush on Haru-kun, the main guy twin. Character design is really good. Quite a bit of fan service and definitely Sora-chan has a total brother complex(to a really great extent). I can see a formidable love triangle/square going on..Aiming for fanboys mostly. A forbidden love will ensue but it's just too harlem for me. Not really good for younger audience due to some suggestive scenes. >o< Not really my thing. Drop. The World God Only Knows ep 1

My friend told me about this manga and coincidentally it got popular enough to have an anime on its own. Episode 1 was good. It stick to the manga most of the time but a few scenes wasn't there. The main character's voice fits him well and the shinigami girl's voice is good too. Looks like it's gonna be a fun romantic shounen comedy. It was kind of fun to see how the gal game obsessed main character try to win the heart of a real girl based on his gaming skills. Will look forward to this one. A good watch for light fun series. Pick up..gonna go read more of the manga too.

Otome Yokai Zakuro ep 1
Shoujo manga turned anime. Character design is pretty but the background and colors are a bit average. Pretty ghost girls with cat ears paired up with bishonen boys to defeat spirits. One of the main guy is afraid of spirits so he provide the humor to the anime. It was fun..I'd have to see more of this to have more input about it. Pick up.

Bakuman ep 1
It's amazing that the story writer and the manga artist of the infamous Hikaru no Go and Death Note brings out an anime about 2 teenagers becoming manga artists. A total turn from the serious and dark Death Note..I haven't read much of the Bakuman manga but the anime seem to be following the manga nicely. It's pretty good. The fake opening kind of make go "what??" but the real opening came after. I can see shonen comedy in this. It looks fun so will keep.

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru ep 1
I keep thinking Maka from Soul Eater when I heard the main girl's voice in this anime. It's an interesting comedy where the main girl work as a maid in a cafe trying to be a maid cafe. Her female friends started to work there too and we started to see their relationship with their guests. A slice of life manga turned anime. The first episode was fun and interesting. We see character development and an attempt of a love triangle. Will keep.

Fortune Arterial ep 1
Harlem with more bishounen too. The main male character returned to his hometown to dorm in a school in that area and meet many childhood female friends(yes clique). Coincidentally the female Student Council VP feel in love with him at first sight(or just have a jolt when she touch him). He's getting use to the school in the first episode and something interesting happen at the end of this episode which makes it a bit more interesting. >o< Will try out the next episode. Keep.

That's it for now. There are still more shows that I haven't seen yet in this season. Will put some more reviews after I've watch them.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sept 2010 B's Log and Girl's Style ^0^

I went to Kinokuniya in Little Tokyo in LA yesterday and got me a few otome game magazines. It's super rare to find them because most of the time they'll be gone. I got into otome games about a year ago. Otome games are girl dating simulation or visual novels where you play the a girl trying to win the heart of a bunch of hot guys. They are geared toward female crowd so you'll see typically see stereotypes of male you find in shoujo manga: smart one, sporty one, cool ones, bad boys, pretty boys and so on. Let's talk about the 2 magazines.

Sept. 2010 B's Log

B's Log is a monthly magazine that covers up and coming otome games, BL games, yaoi games and otome anime. The cover of September 2010 B's Log has 3 of the guys from NDS game Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 3Story (TMGS3) with freebies which contain Hakuouki chibi characters stickers, Saitou from Hakuouki photo, a SYK chara photo, a TMGS3 full poster(2 side/ one side has the cover of b's log and the other has all the guys in TMGS3), and a sticker of one of the TMGS3 chara. Inside has info on new otome, BL, and yaoi games that are coming out and info on current games. This issue also covers Gakuen Hetalia Portable, Sengoku Basara 3 game and Last Ranker game. It's a full color magazine with lots of bishies(pretty boys) in it ^O^.

Hakuouki stickers

Other goodies

Sept 2010 Girl's Style

Degenki Girl's Style is also another of otome game magazine that cover otome games and Visual Novels, yaoi games, and BL games. September 2010 Degenki Girl's Style magazine cover has 3 of the guys from the PSP game Storm Lover with a freebie of double sided poster of the guys from Durarara. This month Girl's Style cover many otome games and has hints of how to win different games characters. I'm seeing a lot of history related games in this issues too. A new Durarara! game is coming out on PSP and it has a male character I haven't seen before. It also cover a bit of Hakuouki season 2 anime where you'll see the bishies in their western clothing. Yes, lots of bishies too.