Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Movies review: School Days with the Pig

Here's a review of a movie I watched recently >o< Schooldays with A Pig Basics: The story is about a six grade teacher who brought a baby pig for his whole class to raise for a year. At the end of the year, they will eat it. But will they eat little P-chan? That is the main question centering in this movie. Will the kid's attachments to the pig make them change their mind or will the piggy be sent to the slaughter center? Reaction: I've read pretty good reviews about this film and I had to agree. It was an enjoyable film to the very end. The teachers and students interaction in this movie was realistic. I absolutely love the debates the students had on what to do with P-chan. Also the baby pig was so adorable and I was able to see it grew as time pass. The movie really hit the topic of what's the value of a life that was not human. It was a very tough decision for them...I was crying with them toward the final debates too because it was so emotional. To me there was no right or wrong in their decision. >o<

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