Thursday, March 19, 2009

a little addicted to otome games...and some amv

i got addicted in playing tokimeki memorial 2nd season girls side for a few weeks. it was so fun w/ the little bit of japanese that i know....however i didn't end up w/ anyone @ the end >o<

wanted to show some amv that i did. can't believe it was 4 years ago since i've done one.

my 1st amv...hana champloo w/ Orange Range-Hana...i was addicted to both of this and i got inspire to make this amv...however i was low in raw ep. ended up using majority of the 1st ep of champloo. i like this one cuz i did it in 2 weeks and the music and flow is pretty decent...lip synch didn't work out though.

hana champloo

this one is my 2nd amv...not quite amv it's like lots of scene w/ music. my aim was comedy between fma and midori no hibi

a little addicted to otome games...and some amv

midori love fma

currently i'm awaiting for some inspiration to make a new amv ><.

sore jya matta ne.